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Microsoft Windows 8 to come with user-friendly reinstall Button, without the Start Button

Microsoft Windows 8 to come with user-friendly reinstall Button, without the Start ButtonIt seems that Microsoft is including some easy way to reinstall Windows 8 as well as excluding a prominent option that we have been seeing since the Windows 95. One of the major change we saw  was missing of the Start button when the Windows 8 consumer preview was released and it is said that the Button might not be seen in the final version too.

Seattle Time reports that the Tami Reller, head of marketing and CFO of the Windows and Windows Live Division of Microsoft told Nomura, an investment banking firm that the Start Button would not be placed back  in the final version of OS. If the report is true, we will not see the start button anymore on the Windows OS and will be farewell to the long-run feature.

As mentioned above, there is also report that the Windows 8 will have a cool feature that will let you easily reinstall the Windows 8 OS. Suppose you lost some data or the system infected by virus, you might want to reinstall the OS using original Windows install disc, but in the Windows 8 there will be two new options that will let you reinstall the OS. First one will let you reinstall the OS without affecting the important files or documents while the other one will let you reinstall unaltered version of Windows 8 with complete reset of your PC.

In Windows 7 You will have to use the physical installation disc and it is like you are installing OS on a new PC and will lose all the files and documents from the drive you install the OS but with this new option to the Windows 8, you will still be able to reinstall even if you don’t have the physical installation disc verifying you’re running a legitimate version of the OS. It is certainly very welcome addition to the OS and will avoid all the mess we have with current version of the Windows OS while reinstalling.

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