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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 4G spotted

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Images leakWe have been hearing abut the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G for a while  and here is the first shot of the anticipated tablet. The tablet looks the similar to the previous version in design except having 4G connectivity and BBM pre-installed.

The tablet seems to be early prototype with a buggy software installed. There is no much info regarding to the PlayBook 4G but it seems like the tablet will get the processor speed beefed to .5GHz, up from 1GHz on the original one, not confirmed though. And when it comes to 4G, we don’t have any idea if it is 4G LTE or HSPA+.

But if it doesn’t meet the current standard, does the BlackBerry have to bother making a tablet?. Anyway let’s hope BlackBerry won’t disappoint its fans and will manage to meet their expectations for the new tablet.

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