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Samsung announces Ultra High Speed microSD cards for LTE Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung announces Ultra-High Speed microSD cards for LTE Smartphones and TabletsSamsung has announced a new microSD card, the card specially dsigned for high-end Smartphone and tablets with LTE support is promised to offer highest performance level. The new microSD card is coming with   Ultra High Speed–1 (UHS-1) interface and it will make sure the performance  on your device with high-quality images and video playback directly from the memory cards.

“Our UHS-1 card demonstrates how Samsung plans to continually expand its line-up of memory cards in accommodating the market need for higher densities and greater performance.” said Wanhoon Hong, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics.

According to the company, the 16GB micsoSD card with  UHS-1  will offer a maximum sequential read speed of 80 megabytes per second  and it is claimed to be four times more than the read speed of current microSD cards available in the market, but there is no word on write speeds. Samsung is looking forward to an expansion on its microSD card offerings with higher density solutions.

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