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T-Mobile rumored to offer Nokia Lumia 900 in this Summer

T-Mobile rumored to offer Nokia Lumia 900 in this SummerIt seems like the Nokia’ flagship Windows Phone Lumia 900 may make its way to T-Mobile. The device was released exclusively via AT&T with the LTE connectivity and has been around a week from the release. The Lumia 900 went on sale for $99 on contract and has already been out of stock on AT&T online store.

Windows Phone fans on T-Mobie network will also get chance to taste the Lumia 900 according to an employee at the T-Mobile store. According to the employee, the Lumia 900 will be heading to the T-Mobile in this summer. There was already a report that the Nokia Lumia 900 would be bound for the T-Mobile as soon as AT&T’s 45 day exclusivity period  is over and this new report is confirmation for the previous rumor.

Moreover, there was also report that when it comes to the T-Mobile, the Lumia 900 will have camera upgrade treat that will replace the 8MP with a 12MP camera, anyway it is not sure yet. Anyway, let’s wait and see, if the report is to be believed , we could hear more about the T-Mobile bound Lumia 900 soon


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