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AOC releases 22-inch E2251FWU LCD Display with USB support; pricing $199

AOC releases 22 inch LCD Display with USB support; pricing $199AOC has introduced new display with USB support , if you are laptop users and need a sub big display that can connect to your laptop with USB, this one is for you. The new  AOC E2251FWU is hgh definition display that delivers plug’n’play extension without the GPU hassle.

The new AOC Display has resolution of  a 1920 x 1080 and no worries about the whether your laptop has a VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort or some other graphics output for your laptop, just connect the AOC display using the USB cable and you are good to go. The new AOC display can be mounted on the wall, the desk stand is removable.  The new AOC E2251FWU display is 0.6mm thick and has a 5ms response time.

The new AOC e2251Fwu High Definition USB Display is available for purchase and the display price is $199 and if you prefer smaller version of  display, AOC offers 16 inch display at 1366 x 768 resolution  pried at $149.


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