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Apple iMac 2012 to come with high-resolution Retina Display and Ivy Bridge Processor

Apple iMac to come with Retina Display and Ivy Bridge ProcessorRecently there was report that the Apple was prepping the new iMac with Ivy Bridge inside  but what else we cou;d expect when the new iMc hits the market, it is still a question mark some rumors emerges though. The new rumor is that the Apple is to bring the next-gen iMac with high resolution display besides the Ivy Bridge upgrade.

Apple is reportedly to introduce the MacBook Pro with the retina display and it seems like iMac will also get the same treatment. A recent benchmark showed that the new iMac with a 3.4GHz quad-core i7 processor running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. the model number surfaced is  “13,2″ with score of 12,183.

Apple has used retina display for its later iPhone and iPad, Apple seems to introduce the retina high-resolution display with its other products like iMac and MacBook Pro. It will be an innovative movement  and we could also expect powerful GPU under the hood . Joanna Stern of said that next-gen iMac will feature a “very, very high resolution” display. We could expect both iMac and MacBook Pro with intel Ivy Bridge processor and retina display at WWDC in June.

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