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Apple’s next iPhone to feature at least a 4″ Screen; production starts in June

Apple next iPhone with at least a 4" Screen; production starts in JuneWe have been hearing about the next iPhone and rumors regarding to it and one of the rumor we have heard is that the device will have larger screen. it seems to be true,  according to Wall Street Journal’s sources familiar with the matter has confirmed things that we could expect from  next iPhone.

The WSJ didn’t mention the exact screen size but according to the sources, the screen  will be no less than 4″. Yes when it comes to today’s high-end Smartphone standard, people are more into huge screen and still find it light and compact, so iPhone couldn’t help but bring the device with larger screen than its predecessors.

Even though most of the high-end Smartphones like Galaxy S II and S III  have displays larger than 4″,  a 4″  screen is still an ideal spot for  next iPhone. According to reports, the production of the next iPhone displays will start next month , so we could expect the device end of the summer.

Other features expected to be thin metal chassis and LTE connectivity along with other goodies we expect with the iOS6. Anyway, more rumors and speculations are certainly on its way, stay tuned.


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