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LG DM2752 and M2752 24-inch TV + Monitors official with Specs

LG DM2752 and M2752 24-inch TV + Monitors official with SpecsLG has announced  two new displays that work as both TV and computer monitor in one device. The new displays are named LG DM2752 and the M2752  and both come in 24 inch in size. The monitors are capable of  terrestrial HD broadcasting to any content served up by a PC at Full HD resolution.

The both LG displays come with  IPS panels providing wide viewing angles  and features picture-in-picture, multiple screens simultaneously  and Infinite Surround Sound from two speakers. The LG DM2752 and the M2752  displays also feature a pair of HDMI ports enabling you to connect with multiple devices and a USB Quick View that helps  for faster computer boot up.

The LG DM2752  display also features 3-D viewing with lightweight and flicker-free glasses and 2D to 3D conversion engine that lets you watch any 2D content in  3-D.  Price for the monitors are not available but the M2752 is currently available in select market in Europe while the LG DM2752  will be released in July.

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