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LIT Motors C-1 Electric Vehicle concept; A Motorcarbike (Video)

LIT Motors C-1 Electric Vehicle concpet; A MotorCarBike (Video)

EVs are gradually becoming  common and more companies are coming with new models and offers, but when it comes to Electric Vehicles, we mostly think of high-end sports cars or any luxurious vehicles with powerful features, but an ordinary man couldn’t even dream of such vehicles and many of us may not be much interested in electric motorbikes either, so take a look at this vague concept named C-1 from LIT Motors, it somewhat looks like a motorbike with its two wheels and yet has features of cars.

This C-1 is prototype  that will come with gyroscopically stabilized and the efficiency without compromising passengers safety. The C-1 also boasts the durability of a car and no worries of imbalance even at a red traffic light. The C-1 has two doors that look like cars and flowing design from back to front. The wheel are lit by LEDs and increases the visibility, top is covered by glass that flows towards front.

Interestingly, the vehicle is capable of keep the balance and remain upright even if an accident occurs.  The balance is controlled by  electronically stabilized gyroscopes. The “motorcarbike” can be charged  in four to six hours, and has a top speed of over 120mph (193km/hr), with battery packs that range up to 220 miles (241-354 km) per charge.

The C-1 has space for two passengers like motorbikes and a small amount of cargo. The production model of the vehicle is expected to hit the market in late 2014 with a price tag of 12000 to 16000 USD. Check out the video below and feel free to drop your comment in the box.

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