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Logitech to release Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad; pricing $129.99

Logitech to release Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad; pricing $129.99Logitech has announced a new Keyboard case for iPad. The new accessory is dubbed Solar Keyboard Folio and is powered by Solar energy and no need of battery or recharging. If you want a better solution for typing fast without worry of juice drain, this one is for you and it is easy to carry with your iPad as it can be folded with iPad inside the case.

According to Logitech, once fully charged, the keyboard  can be used for two years in complete darkness. You don’t always need to find a place where you get the sunlight, the keyboard is also capable to gather power from  low light and lamplight inside a home or office. The keyboard is connected to iPad via Bluetooth.

In a folded mode the keyboard will protect the screen of the iPad and once opened the iPad comes instantly on and get to use the device. The case is also adjustable for best viewing angle  once it is opened. Unfortunately, the Solar Keyboard Folio doesn’t work with the original iPad, but iPad 2 and the new iPad  are good to go with new keyboard case. The keyboard also acts like media control keys when the iPad is in the second position with the first position for typing.  Logitech hasn’t revealed release date of the Solar Keyboard Folio, but will ship this month.

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