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Motorola Android 4.0 ICS Update Features shown on Videos

Motorola Android 4.0 ICS Update Features shown on VideosMotorola has released a bunch of videos introducing its new UI and upcoming Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich update  for its smartphones. The videos were released on its Japanese site. The videos mainly indicate the changes between current Gingerbread and new ICS ROM.

The skin comes with some changes here and there, like additional two options with the new lockscreen unlike the  stock ICSat only offers two option . The new ROM also features option to launch the dialler and the messaging app along with changes to icons and the camera will be capable of taking time lapse photography.

Another cool feature that Motorola has included with the update is its Webtop mode that will be available on select phones, that lets you use the device like an ICS tablet connecting the device to a TV or display, The UI will resemble of ICS tablet and the phone’s display can be used as  a trackpad to control. Other features include usual ICS homescreen folder support, Face Unlock, screenshot capture facility, resizable widgets, etc.

Check out the videos below to see the new ICS update features and feel free to drop your comment in the box.


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