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Nokia 808 PureView Price leaks from Nokia India online Store

Nokia 808 PureView Price leaks from Nokia India online StoreNokia has already confirmed that it will launch the 808 PureView this month, but the company is still mum about the pricing and yet to announce. The first countries that we expect to receive the flagship device for Nokia are India and Russia and here is a leak from an Indian online store that revealed the price of the Nokia 808 PureView.

The leak was found by Androsym and the price of the device was seen mentioned in the page source for the Nokia India store. The price for the PureView found in the source is 29,999 that is about $557/€432. The actual page that the source belongs to doesn’t show any price details other than a sign up control for consumers to enter email, so they will be informed later. But when you look at other phones source details you could find that the source value and the price on the page matches, in the screenshot you can see the source value for the Nokia 808 PureView and it should be the price of the device when it comes to the market and that is 29,999 Rs.

The price in the source is for unlocked version of the Nokia 808 PureView and should be inclusive of all taxes. Nokia recently released a promotional video taken with Nokia 808 PureView ahead of the release. The video covers the beauty of the nature in Iceland using complete PureView technology, check out the video here.


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