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Nokia Lumia Camera Extension App demonstrated (Video)

Nokia Lumia Camera Extension App demonstrated (Video)Nokia has demonstrated its new Camera Extension App for its Lumia Smartphone, and the folks at has managed to check the new Camera Extension App’s features and posted videos of the demo online.  The Camera Extension App is a separate program to install but can be used from the camera settings menu, use it like one of the features in camera settings, no need to open it separately.

The Extension brings a bunch of features that include  Smart Group Shot, Action Shot, Panorama, and Timer. Here the Smart Group feature is coolest one that lets you capture 5 photos and  swap the faces out to create the perfect, or most horrific after identifying each face in the photo. Making people in picture horrific depends on how much you “like” them.

The Timer is a standard self-timer while the  Action Shot setting takes 8 quick photos.  Panorama feature lets you take 5 pictures and merge them into  a single panoramic shot. Check out the video below to see the Nokia Camera Extension App in action and feel free to drop you comment in the box.


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