Nokia to release 808 PureView in North America

As we expected after the Nokia 808 PureView appeared at FCC, Nokia has officially announced that the company will launch the Nokia 808 PureView in North America. even though the company previously said that it  wouldn’t bring the Symbian Smartphone with 41MP camera in North America, it recently announced that the Nokia PureVew would be released in Mexico and this announcement is coming after the device tested by FCC recently. It should be an enjoyable news for those who have been thinking of getting 41MP camera oriented beast.

The Nokia’s US President Chris Weber was confirming its plan to launch the Nokia 808 PureView in North America. Anyway never expect Nokia 808 PureView to be available via carriers but will be compatible with  T-Mobile and AT&T.

It is really sudden change of Nokia’s plan and maybe the WP only for North America isn’t working out well as Nokia expected. But while most of the consumers expect the device to be available on contract through carriers, an unlocked version wouldn’t bring greater result. Anyway, let’s see after it hits the land.