Samsung 23/27 inch S23B550VS and S27B550VS Monitors with MHL Functionality

Samsung has introduced two new LED monitors, the monitors include a 23 inch and 28 inch  dubbed  S23B550VS and S27B550VS  respectively. Thesee new monitors are coming with built in MHL support means you can now plug the phone straight in and display a signal without the need for a separate power source.

MHL technology is gradually being used into more devices and there have already been a couple of TVs and monitors with MHL functionality. Samsung’s new monitors are coming with two MHL/HDMI ports. Samsung S23B550VS and S27B550VS   monitors also feature  TN panels with 1080p resolutions, plus VGA ports and internal speakers.

Currently a range of Smartphones like Galaxy S II, Galaxy NoteGalaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S III have MHL functionality right now.