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Samsung Galaxy S III official with Release Date; Specs, UK Price and Hands-on (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S III official with Release Date; Specs, UK Price and Hands-on (Video)After several rumors and leaks, at the live event from London Samsung has taken the wrap off the new Galaxy S III Android Smartphone, the real beast with exciting features. The device looks slightly different from the Galaxy S III in design with rounded corners.

The new smartphone is slick in design and will be coming in  in Pebble Blue and Marble White initially. The device measures 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm and weighs 133g. The device has relatively big 2,100mAh battery and thickness is lightly higher than the predecessor. The whole device is packed in a plastic polycarbonate shell with a “hyperglaze” coating.

The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S III has several features with software modifications besides the powerful specs under the hood. The device is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz quad-core  processor and packs a 4.8-inch 720 x 1280 306ppi HD Super AMOLED display,  a front-facing 1.9-megapixel camera that is capable of 720p HD video recording and will make sure better video chat with your friends and family and an 8-MP 1080p HD rear camera with autofocus and an LED flash.

The Galaxy S III will be available in both HSPAS+ and LTE versions. The LTE version will be released in US while the HSPA+ for international market. The LTE version may use different processor from the international version but all versions will feature 1GB of RAM.  The Galaxy S III will be offered in three flavors of storage options that include 16GB, 32GB or 64GB and a microSD slot compatible with up to 64GB cards.

When it comes to connectivity the new Samsung Galaxy S III features  WiFi – with support for WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 and usual sensors like  accelerometer, digital compass, proximity, gyroscope and a barometer. The device has microUSB port  that also supports MHL-HDMI for 1080p HD output. Samsung will offer optional wireless charging kit for the Galaxy S III.

One of the another feature Samsung highlighted at the event is Siri rival  named S Voice natural language processing application that allows you to command for some function to take place such as when your alarm sounds off you can say “Snooze” to wake you up later on and allows you to unlock the phone with a customizable verbal command, and instruct it to load apps, set calendar appointments, do searches or other tasks simply by speaking at the phone. IF you want to take a picture, just command  “I want to take a picture”  or if you want to know the weather, ““What’s the weather for today?”” . Suppose you are listening audio, you can use the commands like skip, go back, play and pause and the Galaxy S III will take care the necessary actions for you.

When it comes to OS, the Galaxy S III is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with customized Samsung’s own TouchWiz with  four nature-themed UIs.  The device also comes with a feature like  S Beam that builds on Android Beam in Ice Cream Sandwich by pairing NFC with WiFi Direct.

Samsung says when it comes to Galaxy S III, it can’t avoid its camera features. The Samsung has put  extra work into Galaxy S III to maximize the camera performance and clarity of the images. There’s now Best Shot and Best Photo, with up to 20 rapid-fire images at up to 6fps and is promised to get a best of the end result based on people’s eyes closed, or are smiling, what the brightness and blur is like, and more. The device also features camera button to capture images while recording videos. The burst shooting-mode helps you capture 3.3 photos per second.

The Samsung Galaxy s III also features AllShare technology that makes DLNA sharing of the on screen image onto big-screen TV and AllShare Play lets users to access multimedia files from devices remotely  such as from PC at work or home.

Samsung will offer other accessories like wireless charger gadget, flip cover, an HDMI adapter, a battery charging stand and the S-Pebble MP3 player that lets you play MP3 files wirelessly from Galaxy S III.  Samsung Galaxy S III will come Dropbox, with 50GB of free storage for two years for each Galaxy S III buyer, and the new smartphone is the first to get the new Android version of Flipboard.

According to Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S III release date is set to May 29 in Europe followed by a worldwide launch soon after.when it comes to pricing, Samsung hasn’t revealed anything  about pricing but Phone4U in UK has put the Samsung Galaxy S III for pre-order connected with carriers Orange, O2, and Vodafone. and the price range from free to on 2-year contracts to £289.00 with lower minutes and data  plans.  Currently there is no idea about US pricing, but stay tuned, the LTE version for US has already announced and could be heading to Verizon and AT&T as well as T-Mobile with HSPA+ connectivity.That is all about the new Samsung Galaxy S III, now Check out the Hands-on video and feel free to drop your comment in the box.

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