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Samsung Galaxy S III on Pre-order at Amazon UK for £499.95 ($809); US at $899

Samsung Galaxy S III on Pre-order at Amazon UK for £499.95 ($809); US at $899Since the Samsung Galaxy S III was announced with release date, consumers might be looking for a best deal available in the market. The Smartphone has already gone on pre-order.

Amazon UK has listed the Samsung Galaxy s III SIM free for pre-order for a price of 499 pounds (about $809) and it is down from 550 at most places and we could expect  the price will keep slashing down near to May 30th release and its price wouldn’t be higher than other high-end devices like HTC One X even right after its availability.

Meanwhile, the Amazon US has the Samsung Galaxy S III for pre-order but still priced at $899 SIM-free, but most consumers will be waiting for carriers to announce their version of Samsung Galaxy S III with contract price so the price will be slashed even cheaper  mostly with a two year contract. But if you are not willing to sign a contract and need SIM free, you can pre-porder right now from Amazon, but wait for some days, price could be slashed.

source: Amazon & Amazon UK

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