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Samsung to release Series 9 Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge soon

Samsung to release Series 9 Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge soonAfter announcing the Ivy Bridge update for Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook and the Series 7 Chronos 17 Laptop, it seems like the company is to offer the Series 9 Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge processor.  Samsung is busy upgrading its devices with3rd generation Intel processor which was announced recently. Anyway, Samsung hasn’t revealed when the Series 9 will be released with Ivy Bridge inside.

The Samsung Series 9 15 15 inch Ultrabook and will feature same 400-nit 1600×900 display with some internal upgrade including the processor that will bump to a Core i5 3317U clocked at 1.7Ghz with an improved HD 4000 GPU,  128GB SSD  that will makes sure faster loading and  8GB of DDR3 RAM.

Currently no details on pricing or release date but 13 inch version hit UK back in February. The 13 inch model  is priced at  £1,199 (~$1,940) at Amazon and John Lewis. So guess how much it will cost when the Series 9 hit the market with Ivy Bridge inside?


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