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iOS 6 official with Maps and Facebook integration; Features and Release

iOS 6 official with Map and Facebook integration; Features and ReleaseApple has finally announced the most anticipated software update, the iOS 6 for iOS devices with more than 200 new features including updated Siri, Facebook integration and completely new Maps application with built-in turn-by-turn navigation.  The update will be available for this fall but beta version is available as of today.

One of the main update in the features are for Siri , now Siri can do a lot more things like get you news and facts about sports, movies, people, read your notifications. Apple is working  with many car manufacturers including  BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler, Honda  to enable a compete hand-free operation on your iDevices when you are driving. Apple is attempting to integrate a dedicated Siri button on steering wheel on all cars in the coming months.

Apple has added more languages to Siri that include Canadian English, Spanish (Spain, Mexico), Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Chinese.  The Siri is finally making its way to iPad with latest retina display.The Siri now also can launch apps on your commands  and well work with twitter to tweet your messages.

Other main feature is deeper Facebook integration with iOS 6. There is a an Android-style phonebook app that enables you keep connected with the contacts who have Facebook account and you will be able to see their Facebook updates right from the contact’s screen.  The new Notification Center has got two new shortcut keys, one for Twitter  and other for Facebook.

The iOS 6 gets a brand new maps and turn by turn navigation system bringing Apple’s own  solutions for 3D Maps.  You can also use the system while driving as it has a great real-time, integrated with the traffic reports and you might be suggested like e-routing will save you time while you’re on the road on a pop-up and it is all done with turn by turn navigation.

The iOS 6 Map also gets a huge support from Yelp with over 100 million business listings and with Siri you can ask how much you have left or other related things. Map also comes with a a feature called Flyover  that gives a sharp view of major cities across the globe.

In iOS 6 the phone app has got improvements as well as Do Not Disturb mode. now you can choose from one of the 4 option if someone calls when you are busy, he new two option include Reply with Message and Remind Me Later and it works the title suggests. With Do Not Disturb mode you mute calls from all but your favorite contacts in a certain time of the day. You can schedule your iDevice to automatically enter Do Not Disturb mode at a specific time every day.

The FacTime has got an improvement with video-call app support on over cellular networks, not just Wi-Fi. Now you have a unified FaceTime/iMessage ID so you can  get the call from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

ANd one of the new feature is PASSBOOK appp which comes preistalled with iOS  that will work like a drawer and collect all of your boarding passes, tickets, coupons, loyalty cards etc. and will keep them organized.

When it comes to browsing, you have safari with some new features that include iCloud Tabs that are synced with your desktop Safari in real time along with an offline reading list. And now you can directly upload image from Safari browser to  Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, etc.

There is another new feature called SharedPhoto Stream that lets you select contacts and give them access to the photos you are uploading.  Other features include accessibility extras, better privacy controls, improved voiceover and dictionaries, redesigned apps and stores and improved camera HDR.

The new iOS 6 will work on iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2nd and later, iPod Touch 4th gen. The iOS 6 beta is available now while the final version will be released this fall.


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