AT&T Motorola Dinara aka Atrix 3 LTE surfaced; releasing soon?

It seems like next Android LTE Smartphone on AT&T network could be the successor of Atrix 2. An image of an alleged Smartphone with AT&T logo on it has spotted in the wild with a codename “Dinara”.

According to the details tipped to the Verge, the Atrix 2 successor packing a 720p HD display and running on Android 4.0 ICS OS. The Smartphone is expected to hit the carrier’s LTE network late July. The device will also feature  some Motoblur-style  but the Motorola has stuck with the Google’s on-screen control button for home, back and task-switcher.

The late July is just based on the date in the Screen and certainly it gives a reason to think so. Anyway, nothing has been confirmed, even the name if it is Atrix 3 or something else. So stay tuned, if this is a true info, we should see more details leaked soon