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ClamBook; turn iOS and Android Smartphones into an Ultrabook

ClamBook; turn iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets into an UltrabookHaving an iOS or Android device and want to hook it up with a huge screen and see the things in your small device on a big screen? then here is the ClamBook, a device like MacBook Air in look that helps you hook up your Android or iOS phones and tablets and enjoy the content from a laptop-like device with full QWERTY keyboard and multi-touch track pad.

In fact you transforming your Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets into a laptop once you connect the device with Clambook. The Clambook features a 16:9 widescreen backlit display, a dedicated Android navigation button for instant access to media controls and apps, 3D cinema sound and a multitouch trackpad capable of performing gestures on.

The Clambook uses MHL, the combination USB 2.0 and HDMI port, to take graphics and audios from your phones while charging it. A device like Clambook is not new, we have already see such dock, from Motorola as well as some other companies even before that. The company hasn’t announced an pricing or availability details but the Clambook is expected to hit the market in this holiday season.

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