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Galaxy S III for Korea to be the firs Quad-Core LTE Smartphone

Galaxy S III for Korea to be the firs Quad-Core LTE SmartphoneIt seems like first country to get the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE with Quad-core processor will be Korea. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S III released with Quad-core processor, the device with LTE connectivity was just powered by a Dual-core processor and only international version that doesn’t feature the LTE connectivity has a Quad-core processor.  It was because the processor has no support for the LTE connectivity.

Now several reports say that Galaxy S III LTE for Korea would be the first device to feature both Quad-core processor and LTE   combined. The report indicates that the device with Quad-core chip and LTE connectivity will be released in next month in its homeland.

Samsung is reportedly bringing the Galaxy S III with a separate LTE modem instead of integrated LTE support for the chip. The Galaxy S III LTE released in USA is powered by Dual-core processor as the Quadc-core lacks the LTE support  while dual-core processor with integrated LTE would also provide improved power efficiency, and therefore, increased battery life compared to device with separate chip for LTE.

While comparing, the Quad-core Exynose processor is not that faster than the Dual-core S4 processor that gives both power efficiency and LTE support while the new device with Quad-processor and LTE  more likely to be less power efficient as well as thicker. So does it make sense to scarifies battery life for  a device with so called power under the hood ? .  Anyway, people with power-hungry will be excited and waiting for the device to hit the market.


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