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Google Chrome for iOS announced; available on US App Store

Google Chrome for iOS announced; available on US App StoreAfter announcing the Google Nexus tablet and Android 4.1, Google has announced the Chrome browser for iOS on the second day of the Google I/O event. The  browser can sync datas from other devices  to work from a laptop to a Chromebook to a smartphone to a Nexus 7 tablet and back.  And no matter what operating system is, the browser works speedy back and forth between operating systems.

The Google demonstrated the Chrome browser on  iPhone 4/4S as well as the iPad 3  with capability of same syncing power like on other devices. Now you can work with your all of the browsers on different platforms like Android, Desktop and iOS.

Google is not using Chrome rendering engine as there is a restriction by Apple, instead, Google Chrome for iOS is coming with  iOS system version of WebKit wrapped in Google’s own browser UI. But the Google believes that the pressure on Apple to allow third party app as default browser will be increased after this release. Google Chrome OS for iOS has already reached Apple App Store for download.

If you think of using the Chrome as default browser for your iOS devices, it is currently a dream. Every time you click any link from a an app, only Safari will be pop up to load it, not the Chrome. Let’s hope Apple allow its users to use the third party app as their default browser. Anyway, you can now download the Google Chrome for iOS from iTunes, just head over to the source link.


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