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HTC to release One XXL with Quad-Core Krait Processor and LTE?

HTC to release One XXL with Quad-Core Krait Processor and LTE?When it comes to Android Smartphones, it seems like all about power under the hood and it keeps changing so fast, new processor comes into place and replace the old one even though it may not  be that old.  Now HTC is rumored to bring a new Android Smartphone with another powerhouse under the hood after the One XL,  it will be called HTC One XXL. The difference is  the HTC one XXL will be powered by a Quad-core processor and feature LTE.

Some of the leaked screenshots of the device show specs of the beast that include a 4.7″ 720p screen, 8MP main and 1.8MP front-facing cameras and has a codename “Closurexxl”.

When the HTC One X was released, one of the main drawback to the device was lack of LTE support  even though it was a Quad-core device, but the HTC one XXL is coming to fill that area with more power and memory along with the LTE support. The HTC One XXL is expected to be powered by Quad-core Krait processor along with  2GB of RAM and an Adreno 320 GPU. The Smartphone will also feature LTE.

Anyway, more details like release date and price even the image of the device are yet to come, so stay tuned we will keep you posted.


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