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Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with many new features

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with a lots of new featuresAfter the announcement of Microsoft Surface tablets, here is another announcement by the company, but this is announcement of the most anticipated  platform, Windows Phone 8. Microsoft introduced upcoming features and improvements at the event Windows phone 8 would bring to Smartphones.  Interestingly, the mobile platform Windows Phone 8 will have a lot in common with its desktop and tablet counterpart.

One of the main change Microsoft highlighted about the Windows Phone 8 is shared core which means WP8 will share  kernel, drivers, security, graphics and more with Windows 8. Key benefits of this shared core is manufacturers  will have the convenience to use the same hardware drivers between both platforms, while the Developers for either OS will find it easy to port their apps to other platformMicrosoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with a lots of new features

There are also many other improvements  like multi-core processors  and support for high resolution screen. In the history Windows Phone, the company will be bringing first WP Smartphones with Dual-core processors. For this fall, Microsoft will focus on dual-cores, but up to 64-core CPUs are a go in the future. When it comes to screen resolution, Windows Phone only supported a maximum of 480 by 800 pixels, but with Widows Phone 8, it will change and will support screen resolutions up to WXGA (1280 by 768 pixels) and 720p (1280 by 720 pixels). The Windows Phone 8 will also support  microSD card storage support. It seems like Windows Phone 8 is coming with all the necessary improvements to compete with other platforms, there shouldn’t be any complaints from the consumers’ side anymore.

When it comes to Software features, all existing Windows Phone 7.5 apps will work without modification on  Windows Phone 8.  Windows Phone 8 will be coming with Internet Explorer 10 preinstalled that will have a lot similarity with its desktop counterpart and  many improvements. The browser will be better than its predecessor with the enhanced HTML5 support and the quadrupled JavaScript performance.And benchmark result shows that IE10 is superior to the browsers on the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One S, and the iPhone running iOS 6.  Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 will also have some security features of the desktop like anti-phishing filter. Windows Phone 8 will be using the same HTML rendering system as the desktop version.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with a lots of new features

The Windows Phone 8 is coming with same minimalistic model of the Metro UI with some changes to the home screen. Now the UI can host more information as the black vertical stripe is no more  making more room for various tiles. You can now choose one of three sizes for any tiles based on your preferences.  Microsoft has added variety of theme colors to Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 also makes the jump to native code apps written in  C and C++  so it will have improved performance as well as allowing developers to port their apps from Windows 8 RT to Windows Phone 8. Unlike Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 will get the updates as OTA (over the air). Microsoft  has also promised support for every WP8 devices for at least 18 months.

Window Phone 8  has got maps powered by Nokia with all of its cool features like turn-by-turn directions and the ability to work offline. So in the future, all of the Windows Phone Smartphone users will be able to enjoy the Nokia’s map unlike current WP Smartphones where only Lumia devices features the Nokia maps.

The Windows Phone also supports NFC that makes sharing easy and even allows mobile payments.  Interestingly, the WP 8 comes with wallet features that will work with credit cards, your PayPal account, even your library subscription. The NFC also allows you to tap and share, just tap two WP8 or Windows 8 devices to transfer a file between them. Microsoft didn’t forget to brag about advantages of its Wallet compared to the Google’s Wallet. The Microsoft claims its Wallet is more secure than of Google’s as the security is handled by the SIM card instead of  phone itself.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with a lots of new features

The Microsoft hopes Windows Phone 8 will appeal to corporate users as well. The WP comes with secure boot and BitLocker encryption as well as allowing administrators to manage devices remotely and push apps to them, that makes things more easier. The WP 8  also features  Company Hub that lets the company to highlight apps and make them easily accessible to employees.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 official with a lots of new features

As expected, there is a deep integration of the Skype  that makes VoIP calls much similar like  regular phone call. And other VoIP services can use API’s to achieve similar integration.

Moreover, WP 8 will come with improved speech recognition system challenging to the Apple’s Siri. On Windows Phone 8,  third party developers will also be able to ride on Microsoft’s speech system  and include voice commands to their apps.

Microsoft has also announced the partners that will bring the platform on their Smartphones. According to Microsoft, WP8 Smartphones will be built by Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei on Qualcomm chipsets. A Korean name is missing from the list. You know that is LG, might be focusing on Android.

So these are the most significant enhancements  and features that Windows Phone 8 will bring to compete other platforms like iOS and Android. Check out the video below and feel free to share What you think about the new WP8.

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