Nintendo 3DS XL to be released on July 28; pricing £199

Nintendo has announced a new version of its flagship handheld Nintendo 3DS, the new version is named Nintendo 3DS XL and release date is set to July 28. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed anything about pricing. It seems like the company was delaying the launch of new 3DS  as there was Wii U launch.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has comparatively larger display from its predecessor, that will give better viewing angle. The  3DS XL sports a 4.88-inch 3D display while the original version has a autostereoscopic 3.53 inches 3D screen, which means that the new 3DS XL has got a 46% larger display to the current model.The other screen of  Nintendo 3DS XL is  4.18-inches whereas the original 3DS features 3.02-inch.

The console is only 46 per cent bigger, while featuring thinner bezel utilizing extra space for  bigger screen. The Nintendo 3DS XL measures  156 x 83 x 22mm. The new Nintendo 3DS XL has got a battery that will last  between 3.5 to 6.5 hours, which is half hour extra over the original 3DS.  Nintendo 3DS XL will also feature  a 4GB SD card and will be available in blue, red or silver. When it comes to pricing, the new 3DS XL is expected to carry a £199 price tag while the ShopTo is charging £179.84 on pre-order. Nintendo 3DS XL is expected to cost $199 (£128) when it hits the USA .