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Nokia Windows Phone 8 Prototype spotted

Nokia Windows Phone 8 Prototype spottedMicrosoft announced its next version of the Windows phone  some days ago  but we haven’t seen any of Windows Phone 8 devices other than leaked specs for upcoming HTC WP 8 Smartphones. But a prototype Windows Phone 8 Smartphone spotted at the Microsoft Tech-Ed conference and its image has spotted.

The Smartphone doesn’t look pretty in design, yes most prototype devices don’t look good and just used to demonstrate and test its early stages. The Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype does look like an iPhone in design but a little thicker. The Windows Phone 8 tiles are obvious from the image, but Windows Phone 7.8 update also has same UI as on Windows Phone 8.

Anyway, there are no much details about this prototype device and we couldn’t say it will finally hit the market or not. If Nokia plans such device with Windows Phone 8,  there should be more leaks and rumors soon, so stay tuned till then.


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