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Seagate releases Backup Plus devices; Specs and Price

Seagate releases Backup Plus devices; Specs and PriceSeagate has introduced its brand new backup device called Backup Plus. The device is focusing on a better solution for a backup. The new Seagate Backup Plus comes with software  for  easy usage making it easy to backup your files. The Dashboard app has got a new backup button.

The Backup Plus comes  in four colors that include blue, red, silver and black.  The Backup Plus also features  USB 3.0 out of the box, but you can also switch to FireWire or Thunderbolt by changing the connector in the back.

The Software Dashboard also supports classic file backup methods, as well as uploading files/photos to your social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr. Dashboard also allows you to download existing photos from those services. The Backup software is for  for PC users  and  Mac OS X users can use Apple’s Time Machine.  You can set a custom backup plan like continuous, scheduled or just a one-time thing. as well as choosing the backup right away by clicking on Protect Now.

Seagate Backup Plus is now available in different storage capacity starting price at  $119. If you are looking for better  backup solution, Seagate backup Plus is for you.

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