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Velocity Micro launches Overdrive BigBlock GTX; Specs and price

Velocity Micro launches Overdrive BigBlock GTX; Specs and priceYou might be a serious gamer and looking for a powerful desktop that can meet your requirements, you may want to check out the new Velocity Micro Overdrive BigBlock GTX gaming desktop. The new desktop comes with the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor under the hood as well as powerful GPU for you graphics thirst. The new desktop is promised to be “the new benchmark for extreme speed and luxury.”

The Velocity Micro Overdrive BigBlock GTX  desktop is powered by a Core i7 3960X processor that has been “hyperclocked” to 4.6GHz and sports whopping  32GB of quad-channel RAM, and three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards in Tri-SLI mode.

The new gaming desktop will also offer you 2TB Storage Hard Drive along with two Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD housed in a 100% aluminum chassis with custom fans.

“We’re always looking for new ways to revolutionize the desktop PC through our meticulous engineering to create a truly mind blowing customer experience. With the Overdrive brand, we’re able to continue to push that envelope,” said Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro.”

Velocity Micro Overdrive BigBlock GTX desktop will come loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate but when it comes to pricing, never expect it to be a so cheap, the gaming desktop pricing starts from $8,000.

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