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Verizon and Sprint Galaxy S III gets through the FCC

Verizon and Sprint Galaxy S III gets through the FCCSamsung Galaxy S III has already released worldwide while some countries like US and Canada are still in waiting fir their version. But it shouldn’t take a long time for the most anticipated Android Smartphone released in the US, and hre two US version of the Galaxy S III approved by the FCC. One for the Verizon while the other for Sprint.

While the Verizon passed on the Galaxy S II for the Galaxy Nexus, it seems like the company is npt going to pass on the Galaxy S III even though other major carriers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will be in the party. Verizon is joining them unlike Galaxy S II.  The FCC approvals shows that the release of the US version Galaxy S III is imminent.

The Verizon’s  SCH-i535 and Sprint (SPH-L710) offer connectivity through their respective Ev-Do and LTE pipelines.  while the Verizon model also support for GSM and EDGE on the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands. AT&T  Galaxy S III model number is  SGH-i747M and  SGH-T999  is the T-Mobile version. According to recent leak, June 20 is the expected release date for the US version Galaxy S III.

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