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Windows Phone 7.8 Update for current WP devices; WP 8 release date this fall ?

Windows Phone 7.8 Update for current WP devices; WP 8 release date this fall ?Microsoft has announced the most anticipated and rumored platform Window Phone 8, and it is not rumor anymore, but the question is when it  will be released or any of current Windows Phone Smartphone will be getting WP8 update. Unfortunately we have no exact release date for the Windows Phone and none of the speakers at the developer summit indicated any specific release date.

But Joe Belfiore moth was full of fall season, so it seems like we will have to wait for some more months to see a first Windows Phone 8 release. Belfiore reportedly indicated holiday season, certainly it seems far from now.

Anyway, nothing has been confirmed and his words are reportedly vague, it is not a good idea to predict release date for the Windows Phone 8, but be patient, more details will be coming.

Anyway, sad news is that if you are thinking of an Windows Phone 8 update for your current WP smartphones, sorry!  Microsoft has confirmed that any of the Windows Phone smartphones running on current platform will not be getting Windows Phone 8 update. But it doesn’t mean that Microsoft has forgotten you, and some of the new WP8 features will certainly be available for you as Windows Phone 7.8. Yes, Microsoft has announced a Windows Phone 7.8 update for WP Smartphones that runs on current version of the platform.

The  Windows Phone 7.8 will enable you to resize the live tiles along with other features. Good news is that carriers won’t be lagging your update as the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be directly delivered to the users. Microsoft hasn’t revealed released date for Windows Phone 7.8 update either.

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