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Amazon 10″ Kindle Fire Tablet still in the Pipeline

Amazon 10" Kindle Fire Tablet still in the Pipeline

We have been hearing about the next major release from Amazon will be bigger brother of current Kindle Fire tablet. While Apple is reportedly to enter smaller tablet market, Amazon’s 10 inch Kindle Fire variant is still in the pipeline, that is expected to challenge  Apple’s new iPad. According to unnamed developers, retailer is pushing ahead with a roughly 10-inch variant of the Kindle Fire.

Rumors about the larger version of the Kindle Fire is not new, even before the first Kindle Fire tablet was announced , there was report that Amazon was working on two tablets, but Amazon only announced  the 7 inch Kindle Fire, but the 10 inch device has still been in the rumor mill.

There was talk that Amazon encountered some issues with the components and performance, now sources suggest that the company might be culminating the work again in a larger device due later in 2012. When it comes to the hardware details, it is still scarce, but heavily customized Android will be decorating the display.

While more powerful 7 inch tablet like Nexus 7  out there and rumored Apple iPad mini is on the way, we could expect more competitive price and specs under the hood for the 10 inch Kindle Fire , otherwise it doesn’t make sense to bring bigger brother to Kindle Fire 7. Meanwhile,  Amazon has also been rumored to be working on a powerful Android Smartphone, we could expect tighter competition in the smartphone and tablet market later in 2012, let’s wait and see.


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