Amazon reportedly to release its own Smartphone

Once Amazon tablets were just rumor, but finally became reality, so we can’t just avoid when new rumors are emerged, especially when it is about company like Amazon that the company is prepping its own Smartphone. The report comes via Bloomberg and said to have partnered with Foxconn who manufactures flagship iPhone devices.

We first heard that the Amazon was prepping its own Smartphone back in 2011, but since then, there haven’t been any new details about it. Currently, there are no much details about the Amazon Smartphone. Even though it is now just a rumor, it could be a reality in the near future but what I expect is an high-end device that could compete other Android and iPhones than affordable Kindle Fire-like devices.

Amazon has already brought its own eReaders, tablets and even app store for Android. So it is not an impossible thing for Amazon to add another device to its portfolio in a form a high-end Smartphones. When it comes to the software,  it is more likely to be a version of Android with heavily customized UI like on Kindle-Fire tablet even though it is just a speculation, but Amazon app store makes the speculation more reasonable and less possibility of any further OS.

Anyway, if  speculations are true, more details should appear soon, so stay tuned till then and feel free to share what you think about the Amazon’s plan if it is true.