Intel: 40 New Win8 Ultrabooks to hit soon, pricing from $699

When it comes to laptops, ultrabooks have made a major impact in the  market with its more portability and lightweight form factor as well as comparatively affordable price tag. When it was first introduced by Intel, it was touted to rival Apple’ MacBook Air, and  now it seems like Intel is more determined to push ultrabook more than ever and holding a Symposium in Taipei tomorrow.

The NoteBookNews had a conversation with Navin Shenoy, the Vice President of Intel’s Architecture Group and has revealed some details regarding to the event and future of ultrabook. Now there are already around 35 designs available in the market though, according to Intel, more ultrabooks with variety of design and features will be coming in the near future.

Intel says there are at least 140 designs for the platform  and expecting to bring ultrabooks with even more affordable price tag. It may tighten the competition with the MacBook Air. While there are some ultrabook models with affordable price but comes with Intel Sandy Bridge processor, now it seems like Intel is hoping to expand its range of ultabook with more appealing  to consumers when it comes to price  as well as features. According to reports, the Intel is hoping to introduce some ultrabooks with very aggressive price point at $699.

Many companies have already introduced their own versions of ultrabook. Intel says around 40 ultrabooks with touch capabilities are on its way to the market.  Even though it hasn’t been long since the Intel introduced the Ivy Bridge processor, Company hinted about its next generation processor, Haswell with improved performance and reduced power requirements. The 22nm processor will be the first SoC for PC. The new processor will only use  20 times less power than Ivy Bridge.

Intel also hinted that the new ultrabooks are expected to hit the market around the fourth quarter, which coincides with the release of Windows 8, yes certainly that makes more sense when we know Intel is talking about ultrabook with touchscreen.