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LG 27″ IPS277L and 23″ IPS237L IPS7 Series Monitors with MHL; releasing soon

LG to release 27″ IPS277L and 23″ IPS237L IPS7 Series Monitors with MHL

LG has announced a couple of high resolution monitors with LED IPS technology. The displays named LG IPS277L and IPS237L  are 27 and 23 inch IPS7 Series displays that promise high-quality graphics technology used on its big-screen TV range. The monitors are just beautiful in its design with edge to edge view.

The LG IPS277L and IPS237L displays are coming with ports like MHL-HDMI  for easier access to your mobile phones and tablets via this big screens,  and offers 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution with a 5ms response times and 250 nit brightness.

With1.2 mm thick on the edges,  displays are on very skinny bezel that gives the Monitors an alluring look. The Monitors as a whole  are 14.1mm deep, and has a  trim metallic stands. The LG IPS277L and IPS237L monitors are built with full capacitive touch-buttons and capable to recharge your smartphones or tablets connected via MHL port.

When it comes to pricing and global availability of the LG IPS277L and IPS237L, it is still a mystery. But all what we know is Korea, China and Hong Kong will be the first to get the IPS7 Series displays.

Update: Both LG IPS277L and IPS237L monitors are now available from Amazon for a price of $379.95 and $399.99 respectively


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  • Lightupthesky7

    In an effort to inform folks that care about this (like myself), and to help prevent a backlash at LG……the bezel on these monitors is not 1.2mm like their marketing wants us to believe.  The outer frame is 1.2mm, however the backlighting requires atleast some bezel, and this monitor has an internal bezel beneath the glass so the total bezel width is actually 10mm, not 1.2.  Still the smallest bezel IPS monitor there is, but it’s not the dream we were led to believe.