Nokia Lumia 910 spotted again; Mystery remains

Rumors about the Nokia 910 have been in the air for a while, even though none of the speculations have any solid evidence. But rumors about the device are still flowing, now a device named Lumia 910 has poped up on the Remote Device Access tool.

What is RDA?, well, RDA is a tool provided by Nokia  for software developers to test an app on a device without owning it.  So there should a device named Lumia 910, but  there are still things to be confirmed like if it is a brand new device or a Lumia 900 variant for any other carriers like T-Mobile.

According to previous rumors, the Nokia Lumia 910 could be another variant of the Lumia 900. But it doesn’t mean that the device can’t be a new device to come with Windows Phone 8. Anyway, more details should come soon if there is a such device named Lumia 910, so just wait before getting too excited, we will keep you posted if there is any new info about the rumored Lumia 910.