Nokia RDA Leak: listing Nokia 510, Belle 805, Lumia 920, 950 and 1001

Nokia RDA Leak: listing Nokia 510, Belle 805, Lumia 920, 950 and 1001

A couple of days ago we reported about a leak that showed up the rumored Lumia 910 on Nokia’s RDA, but now looks like  it doesn’t end there. We have got a new leak from same RDA with listing of new and unannounced Smartphones. The list include a series of Symbian and Windows Phone devices .

RDA (Remote Device Access) is tool provided by Nokia for developers to test apps even without having the Smartphone, and it is accessed remotely so developers no need to get the Smartphone to test their apps. This is where new Lumia and Symbian devices spotted. Actually, it is reliable info though, sometimes it could be by mistake, but it is impossible to list a series of devices’ name by mistake, especially on a RDA that is mainly used by developers.

The first two devices appeared on the RDA are Nokia 510 and Nokia Belle 805, and it looks like  to be a Symbian-powered Smartphones. The 510 could be a successor to the low-end Nokia 500, and the Belle with its model Number certainly reminds us of PureView , and could be a simplified version of the PureView 808.

Next, there are a series of Lumia devices running on Windows Phone. The Lumia series appeared on RDA include  Lumia 920, 950 and 1001. By model numbers, the Lumia 920 and the 950 seem to be successor to the Lumia 900, maybe coming with Windows Phone 8 on board.

And the final one, Nokia 1001  is full of Mystery, considering the model number it should be a device with some interesting innovation , and no idea whether it is a Smartphone or a tablet. Anyway, these are speculations, just take it with a grain of salt, but feel free to drop your comment in the box.

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