Pantech Vega S5 “Zero Bezel” with 5″ Display and 13MP camera official

Nowadays Smartphones with bigger screen are becoming standard device when it comes to high-end Smartphones, so bigger the display , bigger the device  but Pantech has managed to keep  its new Smartphone Vega S5 smaller while the display is 5 inches. What Pantech did here to keep the phone a little smaller than the display is to cut down the bezel as much as possible and the technology is called “Zero Bezel “. The Pantech Vega S5 is a mid-range Android Smartphone with a neat specs under the hood with a standard battery.

The Pantech Vega S5 is 4.8” inch device with 5 inch display. The Pantech Vega S5 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor and sports a 5-inch 720p IPS screen,  a 13-MPcamera, a hearty 2100mAh battery and LTE connectivity. The battery will keep you running longer on device.

Other features include zero shutter lag for the camera, continuous autofocus while recording video, and a Mini Window feature that lets you watch videos on small window while using other features on the phone. Th e device also features its own voice recognition system. If you are thinking of grabbing the Pantech Vega S5, know that the company will release the Vega S5 in Korea only and will be available starting this month. Sometimes, company may bring the device worldwide  but hasn’t announced anything about it.