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Sony PRS-T2 eReader hits FCC

Sony PRS-T2 eReader hits FCCIt seems like Sony is preparing a new eReader and the FCC filing shows Sony’s return to the eReader devices. The eReader appeared on FCC database is PRS-T2 , but unfortunately there are no much details of the upcoming eReader from Sony.  The PRS-T2 looks to be similar  to the  PRS-T1.We are looking for more details but it is restricted until September 29th.

It will apparently feature  the same 6-inch display,  a microSD card slot along with the WiFi connectivity. It is not sure if the eReader will be available with 3G and Bluetooth.

Sony’s current eReader PRS-T1 has a  6-inch 800×600 e-ink display, 2GB of storage, microSD, and touchscreen input. Certainly we should expect the device with much more features than the current version  for almost same price.  at the bottom of the display there are some Some shortcut buttons.  Anyway, stay tuned and we will keep you posted.


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