Windows Phone 8 to come with Mass Storage and Screenshot support

Microsoft announced its Windows Phone 8 recently with a lot of new features and improvements but it still lacked some features like ability to take screenshots and when it comes to microSD card support, it was not sure what mode Microsoft was planning to support. But now it is almost confirmed.

When it comes to storage modes, there are two types of storage protocol. First is popular mass storage protocol,and the second is  media transfer protocol, but now it seems like Microsoft is going with the former, mass storage protocol.

One of the main feature that lacked and often requested in Windows Phone OS was ability to take screenshots and yet it hasn’t been added to the OS . If you weren’t a developer, there was no way to take a screenshot on the device itself. Now it seems like Microsoft is going to address that as well with the Windows Phone 8, and you will be able to take screenshots by pressing the Windows key and the camera key simultaneously.

To compete with other OS like Android and iO, Microsoft should certainly come prepared and offer users incomparable experience with their OS, and for that, even minor features are very important. What do you think ?