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Image of a mysterious HP Tablet spotted; Windows 8 Device ?

Image of Mystery HP Tablet spotted; Windows 8 Device ?

Even though HP announced that the company wouldn’t be releasing any new devices with its webOS, it doesn’t mean that the company wouldn’t bring any new tablets, and it seems like the HP is working on a new tablet based on Windows 8.  In a recent commercial of HP, a tablet with aluminum finish was spotted with no information regarding to specs or any features. After a few days of the commercial, here is a new image of  the tablet spotted on HP’s own website.

From the image spotted online, it seems like a Business oriented device  and should be part of  HP’s “Make It Matter” campaign. There was a leak of another tablet named Slate8 back in April, it could be the same tablet. The tablet rumored to be running on Windows 8 Professional along with several security features.

After the flop of HP TouchPad with webOS, the company seems to concentrate on Business oriented tablet with more sophisticated features. The expected security features include Computrace and HP’s own ProtectTools and TPM embedded security. The tablet in the image is has aluminum finish with black plastic strip along the top of the tablet There is a HP’s logo on the rear side. The tablet is 9.2mm thick and weighs 680g  and the battery life is rated between 8 and 10 hours.

Specs details of the tablet are scarce and will remain mystery till HP announce the tablet officially or there is a reliable leak with complete specification. But we can assume that the HP will release more details of the tablet in October When Windows 8 debuts. Many other companies are expected to announce their own versions of Windows 8 tablet as well as Ultrabooks in the following months. Microsoft Surface tablet is expected launch on October 26. Anyway, let’s wait and see, it is not good to assume a lot about a mystery device.


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