Microsoft Surface Windows RT Tablet Price to start at $199?

Even though We known that the Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be released in October, there hasn’t been any official details about the pricing for the Windows 8 RT-powered Surface tablet, but now it seems like Microsoft is prepping to give other  companies a run in the market with such a competitive price tag for its Surface tablet.

According to rumors, there will be tablets with price starting at $199 making tough competition to other companies like Apple and Android devices.  The information came from an alleged insider source. Microsoft has said that devices with Windows 8 would be priced competitively, and if the new report is true, it is sure that the company will make its space in the tablet market.

If the tablet with Windows 8 is coming with such a cheap price, it gives a lot of reason to consumers to try out the new OS on tablets for diffident experience. When Microsoft said that it would price the tablet competitively, most people might have though range between $399 and 499, but this new report is really exciting  and too good to be true.  If Windows RT tablets are priced at $199, it would be a move to expose the new Windows 8 RT OS to more consumers as part of an effort to dominate the tablet market.

Anyway, take it with a bit of salt until there is an official word about the price, till then stay tuned.