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Nokia Windows Phone 8 to debut at Nokia World in September ?

Nokia Windows Phone 8 to debut at Nokia World in September

Since Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8,  WP fans must be curious to know the release date for some new WP8 Smartphones.  But when we talk about the Windows Phone 8, one of the first companies come into our mind is Nokia, since it launched series of Lumia devices with Windows Phone OS and if you are one among the Nokia Windows Phone fans, you have good news.

According to Bloomberg, we might see new Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone announcement in  September. There have already been some leaks and rumors about Nokia’s new smartphones, so we are looking forward to the announcement. The Nokia World event is taking place in September before the anticipated iPhone 5 announcement on Sept. 12.

Even though Microsoft hasn’t announced anything about the release date for the Windows Phone 8, some speculates that Windows Phone 8 will also be released in October when Windows 8 is scheduled to be released. Recent Nokia RDA leak also revealed some of new Smartphones including three Lumia devices, it is speculated that there should be a flagship Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia, if the new rumor of announcement is true, we will be lucky to see the device in September.

Nokia has already announced that the company will integrate its PureView technology with Lumia WP devices, recently leaked Nokia 1001 could be the smartphone with PureView technology. The model number certainly indicates a high-end device. Anyway, stay tuned we will keep you posted.


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