TATA successfully tests Cars with AirPod Technology

When it comes to vehicles, we have already seen cars utilizing alternative energy, and manufacturers are gradually bringing more powerful but environment friendly vehicles nowadays.Now there are vehicles that run on combinations of  electric and fuel motors as well as electric vehicles which run on electricity alone, and even solar-powered vehicles. Now it is a turn of Indian motor vehicle manufacturer TATA , the company has successfully tested its first vehicles utilizing MDI’s AirPod technology as an attempt to develop vehicles using clean energy.

The MDI’s AirPod technology was licensed to TATA Motors, and the manufacturer recently successfully tested the engine utilizing the technology on its two cars. If you are not aware of the AirPod technology, as the name suggests, it uses compressed air to produce energy for the vehicle to run. The air used to produce energy to power the engine can either be pumped in via a charging station or taken in with a help of an electric motor while driving. The vehicle powered by AirPod technology has a capability of driving at speeds between 45-70kmph.

The technology is still in its early stage and will take time to make its way to roads. The development is expected to be made over the coming years even though there is no any specific launch details. Anyway, it is great to see some developments  and companies are striving to bring vehicles running on clean energy, but what do you think about the Tata’s new cars with AirPod technology?