BlackBerry 10 L and N Series Smartphones appear on Video

BlackBerry 10 L and N Series Smartphones appear on Video

RIM has  been busy working on its latest smartphones and BlackBerry 10 OS, and recently the company gave some details of the new OS while smartphones powered by the OS haven”t appeared much except some early leaks, but now we have an idea what we can expect from the BlackBerry, a promo video has spotted on Vimeo showing off two new BlackBerry 10 L and N series smartphones, one with its traditional profile while the other one with a complete new form factor  and touchscreen, which was leaked before.

The video was discovered by One BlackBerry smartphone with portrait QWERTY keyboard in fact looks the same as current BlackBerry Bold but sports a a straight rather than curved keyboard with straight lines between each raw. The device also features a bigger screen removing the physical shortcut buttons.

The touchscreen device really looks nice and should be competitive with the other smartphones out there.  Anyway, the video has been pulled, but check out the images below.


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