FAVI SmartStick on Android 4.1 makes your HDTV Smart; pricing $50

Nowadays, most people have HDTV or at least people are buying either HTDV or smart TVs, but ain’t it a good idea if a $50 can transform your HDTV into a smart TV?, Yes, that is where the new SmartStick by FAVI comes. The SmartStick powered by Android OS will make your HDTV more useful with ability to access all the online activities via Android OS. All you have to do is just get the FAVI’s SmartStick and plug it in to the HDMI port and deliver power into the Stick via a mini-USB cord and you are good to go.

The FAVI’s SmartStick comes with a simple remote control but if you spend an extra $39.99, you can have a mini wireless keyboard and touchpad mouse. The SmartStick is powered by a ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1GHz with 1GB of DDR3 RAM.  The SmartStick can also be connect with DLNA and the device’s own MediaSHARE app, so that you can stream media from your computer to the device.

Interestingly, the FAVI SmartStick is coming with latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with full Google approval so you have access to the Google Play. The Android version on the SamrtStick is slightly modified for better experience on TV and the stick hooks up to the web via wi-fi. Once it is loaded, the startup sequence lets you expand or retract your display area.

The SmartStick also features a standard headphone-sized audio port and a full-sized USB port and you can use a mouse or wired keyboard. Any applications available on Android platform without a specific processor requirement will work right out of the box. The device comes in two flavors of color and storage options. You can have either white or black with a storage options of 4GB for price of $49 and 8GB version for $79. The device will be shipping in October.

In fact, it can make your television a media hub of your choice and gives you wider entertainment and information options instead of being stuck with some channels and you don’t have to get a new smart TV either. Are you going to have one ?

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