iPhone 5 Prices for UK and Europe revealed

iPhone 5 Prices for UK and Europe revealed

Apple iPhone 5 was announced yesterday, but even though price for the new iPhone 5 for US was revealed, pricing for Europe and UK was not sure, but finally it is here.

Apple iPhone 5 for UK will start from a price of £529 for 16GB version while the German and French version will start at €679. It seems like iPhone 5 pricing for other European countries will be the same as French and German variants. The Apple iPhone 5 pre-order starts tomorrow, on September 14 and will be shipping on September 14. The Apple stores will put the iPhone 5 on sale September 21.

If you are looking for more affordable iPhone, Apple has cut the price of its predecessor iPhone 4S and will be available at £449  and €579. While Apple iPhone 5 is going to be released, the apple seems to be going to face a tight competition, Sandburg Galaxy S III has been leading the market as Android best seller and will continue for a good while,  and Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 has also been announced and expected to hit the market late October. So if you are not sure which smartphone you are going to buy, take a look at this specification review.


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