Ultra-Compact Hiriko Fold Citycar to go on sale in 2013

One of the major problems we face in cities with our cars is parking and many companies have designed many citycars in an effort to find solution for this, but what if the Car can fold up to fit itself into a small space? that is cool, right ?, yes that is where the new “Citycar”  named the Hiriko Fold comes, making it much easier for driver to find some space for parking. The car is two-seater designed by MIT’s Changing Places group and the Spanish Basque region’s development agency DENOKINN.

The Hiriko Fold Citycar is an electric vehicle that can travel up to 75 miles once charged and equipped with zero-turn radius wheels, so it can move sideways.

“This corporate Project will transform the initial concept of the “Citycar” and turn it into an innovating industrial Project consisting of the development of the initial prototype and its industrialization by means of an innovating production and distribution model,” Hiriko’s makers claimed.

Prototypes of the The Hiriko Fold Citycar  is already on test in Europe  and expected to hit the market in 2013 for around £10,000. Early this year, President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso  had appreciated the project and claimed it would be “solution” to Europe’s economic crisis.

Even though it is a two-seater Citycar, could we expect more powerful folding cars in the future?