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AMD teases a mystery device; Hybrid tablet with dual-screen?

AMD teases a mystery device; Hybrid tablet with dual-creen?

It seems like AMD has something to announce on October 9th. The company has posted a teaser on its youtube account,  titled “TECHnically beyond explanation”.  As the title suggests, the video is beyond explanation.

The video shows two adventures searching for something and find a laptop-like device inside an old tower PC, and the guy touches the device and says “It’s cold”,  indicating something law-power chip?, she says it has been mutated and the guy proclaims “It is not a laptop”. When one of the actors opens the device, there seems to be a screen where the keyboard supposed to be.

The mystery will remain till the October 9th when AMD will reveal things behind the teaser. Till then stay tuned or watch the video and decide if it is a dual-screen device or a tablet from AMD. Anyway, we can assume it is not a laptop as the guy hinted.

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