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Barnes & Noble to introduce Windows 8 Nook app soon

Barnes & Noble to introduce Windows Nook app soon

Barnes & Noble announced latest addition to its Android series with a 7 and 10 inch tablets, but it seems like the company doesn’t want to stick to the Android platform but rather expand the offerings. Yes Microsoft and Barnes & Noble today announced its partnership and their plan to introduce a Nook app for Windows 8.

B&N CEO William Lynch said that “as demand for digital content continues to increase, we are focused on bringing ground-breaking reading and learning content and technologies to more people in more formats than ever before, including the imminent launch of our exceptional NOOK reading application for Windows 8.

“We are excited by NOOK Media’s product roadmap and expansion into markets around the world as demonstrated by their recent launches in the United Kingdom.” said Andy Lees, President at Microsoft.

Microsoft has agreed to invest $300 million for a 17.6 percent stake in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary. the company will mainly focus on B&N’s Nook digital and college businesses. In return, the company will load its digital bookstore with Windows 8. It seems to be a win win strategy that will help both companies, as well as increasing the popularity of upcoming Windows 8 platform.

Nook has recently faced tough competition from Amazon. Amazon has expanded its offerings and introduced  series of Kindle Fire tablets running on its own customized highly Android OS and applications to make digital reading easier.


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